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Winter Services

Accidents increase in winter as freezing conditions make car parks, pathways and entrances more dangerous. Are you protected?

Do you have a winter maintenance policy in place? Let lovable landscapes take care of your site this winter.

Questions to ask yourself:-

  • How and when you will grit your car parks, pathways, entrances, fire escapes and any other access area which might pose a risk?
  • Who will undertake your gritting for you – will you do it yourself in-house or engage a gritting contractor?
  • How will you – or your gritting contractor – decide when to grit and when not to?
  • Do you or your gritting contractor have a full road surface temperature forecast to work to?
  • How will your gritting contractor notify you a) when they are going to grit and b) that they have successfully completed the work?
  • Do you have full back up in the event of a claim?
  • If your gritting contractor manages the site, do you have the ability to stop the gritting if you feel there is enough salt down from previous visits?
  • If you are going to grit yourself, or want extra emergency cover, where will the salt bins be situated and how will they be refilled?
  • In extreme weather conditions can you get additional visits organised quickly without incurring additional costs over and above your standard charge?
  • Are your liability controls covered?

Detailed Forecast Analysis

Accurate forecasting and risk management: unfortunately weather forecasters don’t have a great reputation, but the forecasts on TV/Radio/Internet are trying to give a quick forecast to generic areas of the country.

If you’ve ever driven for twenty minutes and found the weather completely different then you’ll understand why this can’t work for us!

We partner with the Met Office to provide us with a highly professional, accurate and most importantly, very local weather forecasts to make sure we know exactly what’s going to happen for your business, so our systems can accurately understand whether or not to activate service for that night.

That protects your business because we don’t miss you out when it’s icy – and it protects your budget because we don’t grit when it isn’t.

Flexible Call Out System

Gritting that suits your business: either on a fixed seasonal contract or on a pay per visit contract.

If there’s still plenty of grit on the ground from previous visits or your site will be closed for a special reason then we’ll neither visit nor charge you that night.

We’ll also help you to plan what’s best for your business: for example, if you are open on the weekend but traditionally have fewer visitors then we might suggest gritting only the main trunking roads and a reduced parking area and pass those savings on to you.

On the other hand, if it’s a particularly busy time for you then it may be advisable to have extra grit-supplies kept on-site in case of emergencies.

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We want you to control what we do and we’ll control the delivery of it, confident that your business is going to be safe – whatever the weather.

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